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oh my god please listen to me


do not put on sugar skull face paint for Halloween. I don’t care if one Mexican person said that’s its ok as long as you’re respectful. Stop only flowing PSA’s when its convenient to you and your cultural appropriation.

If you really want to wear sugar skull face paint, do it when a Latino Mexican INVITES YOU TO.

THAT is how you can share a culture. You do not just go about with the sugar skull and tell a brief history of it to show you can respectfully wear it.

My experience as a Mexican American is radically different and I experience racism and witness cultural appropriation constantly. Part of respecting a culture is knowing your boundaries and not pushing yourself into it. A white America wearing face paint even if they know what their talking about will not make me feel good if they will not RESPECTFULLY listen to me and understand that its just not your culture! White Americans wearing only make it more difficult to convince people that its harmful to simply wear it for aesthetic reasons or because you think its interesting.

If you honestly care how about care for the actual people for starters, not just a symbol.

This is not this a guilt trip, this is me desperately trying to defend and preserve something that is important to me. Culture is about people. You cannot be a part of it without a direct invitation. Stop ignoring and shutting down voices like mine because you don’t like me telling you how to treat my own culture.

Ps: I’m Xicano

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sweet nightmares


sweet nightmares

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I’m so cute 

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